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Ginger cousins can be profitable to OSRS GP hunt, they're not the one of the best hunting animals you can farm. Black Chinchompas are the most profitable Hunter animals that you can farm on both in terms of experience and in the form of gold. The fluffy squirrels can bring you twice as much profit as Red Chins . However, there's an issue.

They are located between the 32 and 36 level of wilderness, which is an area that is frequented by killings. If you're looking to get jaws in this region, it is advised to carry an armored vehicle and food.

If you are being attacked returning to the level 30 Wilderness could be a viable option but you need to be wary of Teleblock spell. Since that the location of Chinchompas is in these risky terrain, you can add a trap. The same as Red Chins - Don't forget that Eagle's Peak quest must be completed to put up traps inside boxes.

From 5th level in Hunter skills, players have access to traps in bird houses. This method is different than others as it can be repeated only once every 20 to 50 minutes , based on the type of birdhouse you are ready to utilize. Each run is approximately 2 minutes.

Building bird houses requires level 8smithing to create clockworks from steel bar at the crafting table 2. the player-owned house. Although they might be bought at the GE they're not sold very often. Hop Seeds are another essential product can be purchased with a couple of gold dollars each. When the run is finished, collected birdhouses will carry feathers and nests with them. Bird nests are among more straightforward ways of OSRS buy gold collecting clue scrolls, they could be sell to GE at a decent income.

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