Blood Tendrils is the best melee combat skill

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Blood Tendrils is the best melee combat skill that is available within RuneScape 3 and is not unlockable until the player is deep into the middle of OSRS GP the game. It needs 75 Attack to be used and is among the five bleeding abilities that are available to use melee. It can result in the most effective swordfights in the battlefield.

The targets of this ability can suffer anywhere from 36 percent to 180% damage, and also a bleeding effect. The caster will also suffer bleed damage. This is why it's crucial that players don't make use of this ability if their HP is low because the power could cause death.

Runelite HD is a mod (made by one individual who is 117) that is a mod that takes Old School RuneScape and gives it an HD revamp. In the year 2018, Jagex were issuing legal threats to mods such as this, alleging copyright violation. But, they appeared to be a thing of the past as Jagex granted their approval to Runelite's original Runelite.

However, earlier in the week, just hours before the upgraded Runelite HD was due for an official release 117 was contacted by Jagex and buy RS gold demanded that work cease and the release be canceled. However, this time it's not due to copyright issues, but rather because Jagex claims they're creating the own HD upgrade.


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